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Learning From Transition

My name is Arabella Seegers and my life started out as an expat child moving from one corner of the world to the next. Early on, I was exposed to different cultures and ways of seeing the world. I learned how a particular viewpoint played heavily into a person’s reality. This perspective on the external world teaches us about our inner world. While this fascinates me endlessly, I also love driving in the fast lane. Because I love fast cars, fast horses, switching gears and connecting with the underlying primal force.

At an early age I learned to adapt to other views, traditions and beliefs. Did what was expected. So much so, that ultimately, I had become unaware of my personal beliefs. Having experienced what happens when a racing mind skids out of control, I embarked on a journey of deep discovery and insight.

The truth

The truth is, I had lost my way and meaning. Searching for a more sustainable perspective on myself and life in general, I uncovered limiting beliefs, thought patterns and my talents. Working hard had become my go-to solution – for everything. My introduction to Buddhism Thailand led to insights that had a lasting impact on my understanding of myself and life in general. It was as if I looked from the outside in for the first time. It has led me to my purpose to help intelligent women live authentic lives, grow and prosper from within, from who they truly are.

What I do

Through coaching I help you shift your perspective from living from a busy mind to connecting with your inner wisdom. And gain a better understanding of it. I will hold space with you as we employ new perspectives while building transformative change. Your perspective determines the life you create.

I hold a Master’s degree in English Literature and Linguistics and became a corporate (IT) consultant and coach (CTI).
Now I use powerful coaching tools that vary from mindfulness and self-compassion to cognitive therapy and more.

If you feel ready, let’s have the conversation that clarifies what’s possible for you.


I help educated sensitive and driven women at a crossroads in their lives (re)connect with their inner wisdom so that they create their unique legacy.

When we speed through our daily life, it is easy to get disconnected from who we are, why we make the choices we make. We rely on our rational intelligence to guide us through life when the major decisions in life require a different approach  

 In our daily lives we tend to forget how much we already know. We constantly work at improving our skills and knowledge yet overlook how much our innate intelligence could help us through challenging moments and create the life we long for and the difference we want to make.



Changes take place once you truly understand yourself.

A change in perspective changes your whole world.

And everything changes with you. 

A World of Possibilities

Our conversations together challenge your perspective and encourage new insights. A single insight will open up a world of possibilities you didn’t see before.

Through a better understanding of yourself you better understand the world around you and how to connect with it from within.
Your unique leadership thus warms the lives you touch and brings your gifts and purpose into the world.



Seeing the true nature and potential in each individual from a place of connection and compassion. 


Freedom as an expression of self and choice of geography. Freedom to express your true and individual self. Freedom to go roam where your life’s journey takes you. Freedom to determine what beauty and balance is to you.

You are free by nature even if it doesn’t feel that way all the time. Expand that feeling into your daily life where you make conscious choices based on what you know to be true rather than what you think it should be.


Learning is a journey. You may be complete, but you can still grow, evolve, become who you aspire. You will never dive deeper than you can handle. What was hidden may show itself now, because you are ready to embrace who you really are. ready to see your own magnificence and ready to step into the light. 

Graduated from the International Coaches Training Institute 

I am a family person, a mother and a wife.

I love long windy, picturesque walks on the beach.

Definitely a fan of good conversation, especially over good food.

I make a mean cappuccino and expect nothing less elsewhere.

Reading makes me very happy, whether it be fiction, learning or the paper.

Eindeloos begraven in engelstalige fictie. 

My family background is rooted in the Dutch East-Indies and I cherish memories of my childhood in Indonesia.

I am ambitious, strive to excel and deliver the best I can.