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Coaching for Educated and Driven Leaders in Transition.

Are you:

  • Working so hard that your personal life is neglected?
  • Missing something even though your life seems to be in order on the surface?
  • Overextending yourself and caught in a vicious cycle?
  • So focused on day-to-day that you no longer know what you really want?
  • Struggling to show up remaining true to yourself while living up to tall demands and new challenges?
  • Sometimes wondering who your “true self” really is?
  • Occasionally feeling like an impostor and worry about being found out?
  • Noticing the skills that got you this far are no longer going to suffice to get you to the next level?
  • Unclear about how to get to the next level. 
  • Feeling blocked and held back by an unknown force within yourself which affects your communication and sense of wellbeing
  • Postponing your dream (life) until you have more time, money, freedom etc?

But what keeps you going is a drive and dedication to use your skill and talents to serve the purpose of living a meaningful life and making a difference.

Are you at a challenging

crossroads in work or personal life?

You have come to the right place. 

Are You Ready for What’s Possible?

  • You know what you want, have a clear sense of purpose and know the steps that will take you there.
  • You have a conscious sense of authentic self,know how to energise yourself  and make value-based choices.   
  • You are in connection with your innermost self as well as maintain deep connections with loved ones.
  • You are fully present in business as well as personal relationships resulting in effective and sustainable communication
  • you deal with the internal experience of thoughts and emotions in such a way they do not block or sidetrack you.
  • You are excited by new challenges with a confidence and wisdom that stems from a mindset that supports you and inspires others along the way.
  • You are confident about making authentic choices without worrying about what other people think

If you are looking for a quick fix to an isolated issue, you are not my potential client. If, however, you have a desire to grow, you have a vision you want to bring into the world, I can help.

For more information, contact me. 

I am an expert in helping intelligent people lead from within – and wise leaders live purposeful lives.

Remember your wisdom

How to Go From Here

You and I work together for a period of 6 months or more. It takes time to transform your life that starts within.

How much longer will you spend at this crossroads before you take the first step?
How much longer will you put up with surviving instead of tingling with the aliveness living your purpose brings?
Do you really want to experience fulfilment in work, relationships, health, making a difference in the world the way only you can?

If you ever ask yourself:

   “is this all there is?”

The answer is:

   “no, there is more that only you can determine”.


If you feel ready, let’s have the conversation that clarifies what’s possible for you.

“Arabella is a person of very high integrity, openness, and willingness to adapt to situations. Arabella listens very well and is a true talent in reflection. Together with her structured approach she manages to provide valuable awareness for personal growth and understanding of personal drivers. Arabella is also able to connect on a personal level, which made our coaching sessions both insightful and a pleasure. “

James Falter, CPCC

“Je hebt me goed gespiegeld met een lastige situatie. Een lijstje van plussen en minnen en daar een besluit op maken werkte niet. Door jouw visualisatie oefening kwam duidelijk naar voren hoe ik me daar niet op m’n gemak voelde. De onderliggende overtuiging die ik had kwam boven drijven. Ik vond namelijk dat ik me daar overheen moest zetten en deed lichamelijke technieken om daar ontspannen bij te blijven.

Maar dat knagende vervelende gevoel keerde steeds terug en daar kan geen voor of tegen lijstje tegenop. We worden geleerd je eigen gevoel te wantrouwen. Door deze oefening heb je me geleerd goed te luisteren naar m’n gevoel. Daardoor werd duidelijk waar ik graag mee door wil en waarmee te stoppen. De beslissing waarmee in deze situatie te stoppen werd vergemakkelijkt en onvermijdelijk.”

Jacqueline Schoutsen

“I have come home to what really matters to me and from there I can practice self-acceptance. I love myself a little more now!! A real gift to yourself. “

Bianca Holvast

“Because I work over 50 hours a week during which I need to live up to high expectations I needed better self-management. I gained many insights and practical tools that have improved my energy levels. Very suitable for professional knowledge workers. “

Harold Melssen

Thanks to Arabella I gained insights that allowed me to start a new career with confidence”  

Erika Flock

“This intense process has made me aware of what holds me back. It has helped me make better choices based on my feeling.”

Harold Beem

“We went deeper than I had gone before. I learned not to evade my problems but rather accept and deal with them head on. Arabella’s approach is suitable fro educated professionals in mid-career (above age of 35). Finally, Arabella is a special human being; She possess a wonderful combination of empathy and directness which render her honest opinions warm and acceptable.  


Who I am


Nature, literature and travel are my inspiration and I love reading. I have a corporate background and have been coaching educated leaders since 2009.


Holding the space

Clients appreciate me for being calm, warm and engaged as I hold the space in which we aspire towards extraordinary changes. I hold a Master’s degree in English Literature and Linguistics became a corporate (IT) consultant and coach (CTI). Now I use powerful coaching tools that vary from mindfulness and self-compassion to cognitive therapy and more.


Leadership begins with wisdom

For me, coaching comes from  a place of deep conviction that leadership begins with remembering  your innate intelligence. With insight into this wisdom, you grow, and your environment grows with you. True insight leads to transformation. This is my contribution to a world in which we feel free to show up as our most powerful and true beings that we are.