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The morning rain threw a bleak light onto the cherry wood table as she spoke. Her hands rushed up to her hair which snaked wildly outward as she stopped the emotion from engulfing her completely, rendering her breathless. Moved, I saw her dark eyes flash as she recalled the time when she slept in her car, on the run from a destructive marriage.

She kept running

She had kept on running until the icy Scandinavian sky and rugged forests had absorbed her darkness. Here she learned to breathe again. Here she remembered how she was more than the shadow of the person she had become over the years. As the green returned and her presence emerged, growing ever stronger, she journeyed back South.

Excited and hopeful

Now, with the coming of another Spring she no longer wants to hide within herself. She is ready. Her hands wiping away an invisible smudge, pushing the unruly tendrils of wavy hair impatiently up she bounces in het seat. This is going to be her year. Her time to come out and face the world head on. She is ready to take a risk and, to her own surprise, is ready to share her newfound gold. Her long lost confidence now reverberates through her excitement.

Coming alive

She had little material possessions left, not even a permanent roof over her head. But she believes she has all she needs: she has herself and she knows she is moving forward in a big way. Her experience won’t be buried but will support her mission. She has come alive again and she is ready for the next step. More than starting over, she has embarked on journey of the heart with the sound of her inner voice to guide her.

Thoughts create

She reminds me that thoughts are energy and energy creates. She will create something wonderful in her transition.

Overnight success

Chances are you didn’t get where you are overnight. You may have gone through several phases of transition and some you may have breezed through, some may have been painful. Human beings are remarkable survivors but ultimately we want more than to survive – we want to feel alive. To feel that our scars have truly healed and be willing to take risks again. To feel that who we are and what we do makes a difference.

What is your story of transition?

Where are you heading in your transition?
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