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Have you ever wondered about how you express yourself best? Is there an intelligence within you that is seldom consulted when it could have so much to say?

Getting the Point Across

Lately I have begun to write in English instead of Dutch. On the one hand to accommodate my non-Dutch readers, and on the other hand  because it allows me to express myself in a way closer to my heart. You see, as a child of expats I acquired English as a second native language at American schools across the world. In Dutch, I sometimes struggle to get my point across. Not for lack of command of the language but for lack of connection with it. As if it isn’t always me that’s talking. All my younger life experiences came to me in English. Now I understand the distinction of writing from a rational and discriminative mind as opposed to succumbing to a natural flow that comes from deeper within. At the core of my calling as coach is connection and connection flows more freely from within me in English.

Innate Intelligence

So, what’s wrong with using your head you may wonder. Don’t we learn from an early age on to always use our mind? Isn’t our intelligent mind supposed to keep us safe, smart and in control?  I assert that our intelligence is incomplete without awareness of the innate intelligence each and every one of us possesses. Because this quiet inner voice helps you discern between the rational decision and what you really want. We also refer to it as the heart that speaks. It is the silent knowledge within you, of your authentic self, that knows whether you are in the right job, with the right partner, live in the neighborhood that feels like home.

Society Dictates

Oftentimes we ignore our innate intelligence or intuition especially in a professional environment. In part because society has been teaching us to value rationality over feeling and in part because the thoughts that our rational mind produces speak loudly, drowning out the more subtle messages of this intuition or inner voice or “gut feeling”. Or we mistrust it precisely because what we feel cannot always be proven thereby seeming less important than a rational approach that can be explained and defended.

Being Authentic

The reality is awareness of these two sources of your knowing will enhance the quality of your communication and understanding. Our minds are well-equipped to deal with clear-cut situations that present problems and need clear solutions. However, from an evolutionary standpoint, our minds are not designed to deal with inner problems such as conflicts with our belief system, values and experiences. Whether or not you choose to stay in difficult relationship is not a rational consideration. Whether you choose to become an entrepreneur or change the course of your career requires consulting both your mind and your inner knowing. When you are truly connected with someone or your passions, there is more of you that shows up: your authenticity or the natural you that includes your experiences and belief system.   How aware are you of the difference between your two sources of intelligence? Do you rely on your inner knowing or intuition at all? Do you base your business decisions solely on rational arguments and in which cases do you consult your intuition? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments, I would love to hear from you.