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My 88 year old mom will not connect through modern means of communication: no social media, Whatsapp, Messenger or even smartphone. She has one but it’s always switched off and never around when you (I) need it. There was a time when she was exasperated by the hours I spent on the phone before there was such a thing as online communication. Nowadays, talking on the phone seems to be a lost art. Who even has the time anymore. Must admit, I miss it. Not the time, but the connection.

Personal stories

In the past I received e-mails from clients enquiring about my services. I even received whole life stories with heart-rending accounts of inner turmoil and personal dilemmas. What I couldn’t understand is why people didn’t just call me. It’s easier to be vulnerable on paper. I am never making the mistake again of engaging by mail – it doesn’t serve well.


Calling someone is so 1986.

We easily pour our heart out on paper yet the distance between us just seems to grow.  The power of personal communication is becoming more and more underestimated – or is it becoming exclusive? The highest form of interaction would be to speak to someone in person.


Wired to connect

What I have learned from coaching, often by phone or skype is that listening to the words spoken reveal more than the words themselves. There is so much more information available than the average e-mail can convey. Research shows time and again we are wired to connect. Loneliness is becoming more prevalent in (Western) society. We need human connection as much as we need air to breathe.We are a social animal and thrive on meaningful interaction. While E-mail serves a very practical purpose, it is just so much more fun and effective to have a personal conversation and really connect

Insight transforms

That is why, I prefer to meet in personal conversation rather than by mail, be it by phone, zoom or in person. Because today I know a conversation has real value. This is when insight happens, seeds are planted for real transformation. So, let’s talk. No strings attached.

Are you a driven professional seeking increased fulfillment in work or personal life?
Are you sure there must be more to life than the rut you are stuck in now?

Let’s talk about how you see the future (if at all) and what you would like to create along the way. Let’s talk about what’s you holding you back or keeping you small where you could be showing up in a big way. I would love to hear your story. I promise to listen and help you gain a new perspective. A perspective that could spark insight and enable transformation in your career or personal life. You can reach me at +31(0)653438898.