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“Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion
to reach for the stars to change the world. “

Harriet Tubman

Deceptive dreams

There was a time when dreams were just that, dreams. They were not to be taken seriously and were considered deceptive. Nowadays, we are encouraged to follow our biggest dreams, our ideas for how our life should truly be. There is a  perception that we have the capability to shape our own lives all the time and if it falls short we have but ourselves to blame. Harriet Tubman will have us reach for no less than the stars and change the world.

Daily Struggle

But what if you don’t have any “big” dreams for a starry future? What if you secretly long to get through your day, week, month without the inevitable daily struggle of a family with kids who have needs (let alone special needs), a busy spouse, deadlines to be met at work, a parent that needs special care, your health and fitness that need tending to?

What if all you dream of is all those daily little strifes being “taken care of” so you could put your feet up once in a while? Who has time for big dreams. The groceries still need to be done, parent-teacher meetings need to take place, doctor’s appointments need to squeezed into a busy calendar.


The high-performing men and women I encounter tell me they really dream of more happiness, more contentment, more harmony,  in relationships, in career, parenting, health. Moreover, they long for a sense of purpose, want to feel better about themselves ad their lives.

They find themselves at a crossroads in work, relationships or health and long to know the next step. If only they knew where they were headed.

This desire for daily islands of happiness is very real for the most of us. Sure, when we daydream about what to do with endless resources of time and money we will come up something. Most of the time they are material things. The things that we think will make us happy.  So while it feels the answers are outside of us, we should really be looking within ourselves. We should be asking ourselves : “What do I want to experience”, “How do I want to grow” and “how would I like to give back”?


The answers to these questions touch upon what you want your life to be about. They speak to the legacy you want to leave behind and the values you want to instill upon your children.They are also about the kind of man, woman, parent, child, friend you want to be. How you show up from there has real impact.

What if you felt confident you could weather any storm in your life?
What if you made decisions based on what really matters to you instead of what is practical or logical?
what if you had the courage to follow your own path, make your own rules instead of doing what works for others?
What if you knew there was a hidden talent, a lifelong passion that is so close you don’t see it?

Once you are clear on what you really want, you will also become clear on what actions you need to take and how. As a result, these dreams determine your vision for the future – the kind of future you want to start living today.