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When you’re at a crossroads in your life and you don’t know which path to walk.
When you don’t know which voice to listen to – outside you. Inside you.
When you have more questions than you ever hope to find an answer to.
Then support yourself as though you were your own best friend.

Counsel yourself with words of wisdom.
Without judgment.

With compassion.
Without judgment.

Listen to the voice of resistance.
Without judgment.

Let your imagination soar.
Without judgment.
Hold nothing back.

Feel your physical reaction got hope, excitement,
Fear and anxiety.
Without judgment.

Just this.
This moment of living,
this experience of being alive,

This pain of human suffering
Is part of who you are.
Is what makes you human.

Your thoughts, feelings, anxiety, joy is universal
Your experience, perspective, quirks, talents and ideas make you you.
Truly you.

In this moment become aware of YOU.
Become aware of that inner spark deep within you.

Whatever truth arises from deep within without judgment
Is the voice of your innate wisdom

Like a butterfly it cannot be caught.
Once grasped at it will dissolve

But it will never leave you.
This moment of truth,
this inner knowing,

Is your guide through your transition.
Trust that you will know which path to choose.

Take it, one step at a a time.