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Get Really Clear on Your Life Changing Difference

I bring my sharp intuition and focus on your gold.
We work together by discovering who you really are, what drives you, how you come alive.

I promise to be completely present, slow down so we can shine light on the details otherwise lost.
So that we get really clear about what makes a life changing difference for you.
I challenge you, laugh with you and at times you won’t like me. But always I will be supporting you, will believe in you, see the gold and resourcefulness in you.


You Are in Control

You are ready to learn, open to new ways of looking at life, at yourself and you are committed to your personal development.

We go deep where you may not venture by yourself, but rest assured we will never go deeper than you van handle. It is designed to serve you and your learning.  And you will always be in control.

If you want different results, you have to try different approaches (Albert Einstein)

What if everything remains the same over the next 10 years? You have the same job, you live in the same house, you have the same dreams and you have the same thoughts and challenges? Where would you be in your life, ten years from now? What would be still be missing?


Change Your Default Future

You can change your default future.
Accept what you have no influence over and change what you can. From that premise we will engage in new perspectives, new experiences. So that the impossible comes within reach. Be prepared to experiment, experience and have fun along te way.


Beyond a Quick Fix

If you seek a solution for a one-dimensional problem or a bit more self-confidence, then coaching may not be for you. Coaching has one purpose only: to facilitate the process that transcends solving isolated issues. You grow, your life transforms and you’re playing an entirely different game. If you have discovered that the same thing that got you here is not getting you there (future), if you want to break free from repeating patterns in your life then coaching can help you.

Taking a first tiny step is a giant leap for a better future.


Work with your inner wisdom

A World of Possibilities

Our conversations together challenge your perspective and encourage new insights. A single insight will open up a world of possibilities you didn’t see before.

Through a better understanding of yourself you better understand the world around you and how to connect with it from within.
Your unique leadership thus warms the lives you touch and brings your gifts and purpose into the world.



Seeing the true nature and potential in each individual from a place of connection and compassion. 


Freedom as an expression of self and choice of geography. Freedom to express your true and individual self. Freedom to go roam where your life’s journey takes you. Freedom to determine what beauty and balance is to you.

You are free by nature even if it doesn’t feel that way all the time. Expand that feeling into your daily life where you make conscious choices based on what you know to be true rather than what you think it should be.


Learning is a journey. You may be complete, but you can still grow, evolve, become who you aspire. You will never dive deeper than you can handle. What was hidden may show itself now, because you are ready to embrace who you really are. ready to see your own magnificence and ready to step into the light. 

How To Go From Here

You and I work together for a period of 6 months or more. It takes time to transform your life that starts within.

How much longer will spend at this crossroads in your knowing a step must be taken? How much longer will you put up with surviving instead of tingling with the aliveness living your purpose brings? How much do you want to experience fulfilment in work, relationships, health, making a difference in the world the way only you can?

If you ask yourself:

“is this all there is?”

The answer is:

“no, there is more”.


How We Work Together

I value personal connecting; therefore we work together one-on-one for a minimum of 6 months to enable lasting change.  Your coaching process will be customised to your specific goals and desires. Coaching takes place via Skpye/Zoom/Facetime or face-to-face at a suitable location in the vicinity of Alkmaar -Amsterdam. 

If you feel ready, let’s have the conversation that clarifies what’s possible for you.

When we have a coaching conversation we explore your dreams, your challenges, your vision for life and what is holding you back. I know from my clients that just this first conversation will spark valuable insight. We continue and decide to work together only if we both agree to do so. Coaching is not for everyone. But if you say YES and you are excited about growing and committed to making lasting changes in your life, contact me to schedule our first session.

All you have to do is request for a (complimentary) clarity conversation and include the following information:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your biggest challenge?
  • What do you hope to achieve or create?
  • How do you know you’re ready?


Just let me know whether you prefer to talk in Dutch or English. I am equally fluent in both.

“Now I feel more confident and at peace which allow me the space to actually make my dreams a reality. “


”Before I met Arabella I doubted myself. Now I am very grateful for the way I learned to go for what I want.”

Petra de Bruin